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G1 Family:

First off, I would like to thank everyone for being apart of this ministry! I am truly blessed to have so many great families joining what I believe will be an amazing journey.

As some of you already know, I have big dreams for the future of this organization and want it to grow as far as God wants it to reach. Currently we have over 100 families involved and many more reaching out everyday to see what else will be offered in the future. It truly is amazing! There are some down sides to this amazing growth unfortunately. Harvey little league has been gracious enough to allow us to use the facility at no cost during the summer/fall/winter but during the spring is when little league season will start to have priority over the fields. This is where the G1 family comes in. We must raise money to improve and grow the facilities at Harvey. Some of the improvements are already on their way, all baseball fields have been sprayed for weeds, infields have been enlarged, diamond dry has been donated, sand and Bermuda seed are soon to be applied in those areas needing more grass and sprinkler heads have been replaced. The list is huge and I need your help. I need people that are willing to coach, general manage, work on the fields, and if these things are not what you can help with then we need you to either donate or find someone that will. Jesus came to love and serve others....we will do the same at G1. He washed His disciples feet!!


The big projects that I am hoping to start this year will be the 7200 square foot indoor batting facility which I am working on gathering pricing for as we speak. The two cages are not enough for our G1 players and this will be the first priority. Second on the list is a high school sized baseball infield to start with and the outfield close behind. The goal for the infield is turf. It is already difficult to maintain the fields that we have and turf would be less maintenance in the long run. The location of this field will be at the practice fields by the two big oaks. The third big project will be an additional field at the back of the property for our youth players.


I understand that we are all busy and that our time is limited. But these kids deserve the best that we as a community can give them. I remember when I played little league...long time ago...and all the dads and moms busted their butts on the fields, concessions, and trash. There wasn't a single paid person in that park other than the umpires. God built us to serve like His own son, Jesus. You joined this organization to be apart of something better than what is out there. What makes the organization better? The people that are apart of it!! You!!


Please take the time to ask someone if they would be willing to help or donate! Don't take no for an answer!


Thank You!

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